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Excavator Compaction Wheel

Compact Wheel

A compaction wheel is a form of heavy mechanical tool that can perform the challenging task of reducing the size of waste material or soil through compaction. This is normally attached to a heavy construction vehicle in order to perform its compacting mechanism. Compaction wheels for sale are mostly needed during a construction of a landfill.

A compaction wheel is cost-efficient and can work in a precise manner. It can compact flat surfaces as well as slopes with ease and is safer than having manual workers do the compacting operation. However, not all compaction wheels have a high level of compaction performance. It is most suitable to pick the best compaction wheel for any compaction project.

Below are some tips on how to pick the best compaction wheel:

  • Choose a compaction wheel from a manufacturer that offers a wide selection of configurations that can accommodate various types of machines, heavy vehicles, attachments methods, trench width, and earth materials.
  • Pick a compaction wheel that has an increased compaction performance that is effective to all soil types like granular and cohesive.
  • Select a compaction wheel that is easy to clean.
  • Purchase a compaction wheel that is made from high strength steel and has a high quality and performing roller bearings.
  • Choose from a manufacturer that offers repairs and maintenance service.
  • Purchase from a maker that gives product warranties.
  • Buy from a manufacturer that has a stock of all common attachments and genuine spare parts in case of damage.
  • It is most recommended to buy a brand-new compaction wheel.
  • Only buy heavy tools and machineries from reputable and reliable manufacturers.
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In today’s world, it nearly impossible to complete a large-scale construction without utilizing heavy machines and tools like compaction wheels, backhoes, hydraulic cranes, excavating machines, and many more. At Excavation Buckets Direct, our compaction wheels which are for sale in Australia are extremely durable, tough and available in various sizes.

An excavator compaction wheel offers a low-cost solution for trench compaction. Featuring tapered foot design and tapered roller bearings, our trench compaction wheels ensure a smooth operation while ensuring a high level of productivity.

Our excavator compaction wheels are extremely durable and designed to maximise performance. We offer compaction wheels in several configurations for a variety of machine types, trench widths, attachment methods and soil types.

Features of Our Excavator Compaction Wheels:

  • Sealed Axle Bearing – A sealed Axle bearing is used to prevent clogging of the wheel from dust, dirt and mud. It provides smoother performance.
  • Tall Feet – Tall feet help a compaction wheel to break down the soil structure, especially clay material, to deliver superior results. Our compaction wheels feature optimised feet layout to enhance the compaction effort. The result is a solid foundation for the construction project.
  • Durable Construction – Our excavator compaction wheels are built using high quality materials. Their durable and tough construction withstands all types of working conditions. What’s more, the roller bearings we use are of the highest quality.
  • Maintenance Free – Our compaction wheels are very easy to maintain. You won’t have to grease the wheels every day or even every week. Our compaction wheels are greaseless. This helps avoid bearing failure from lack of regular greasing.

We are based in Melbourne, but we have compaction wheels for sale which can be delivered to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Northern Territory and other parts of Australia.

We also have Hammer Head Plates, Ripper Types, Grader Blades and Excavator Buckets. Contact us today to get yours!